Woodland Plants

Plants in this category are those that are able to endure periods of dense or dappled shade growing amongst trees. They are, in general, slow growing plants due to the lack of light.
It is normal to have both dry and moist conditions in woodland areas, so choose your plants carefully to suit your own requirements.

Farfugium japonicum‏

Farfugium japonicum is a rhizomatous evergreen perennial with simple, rounded leaves and branched clusters of daisy-like bright yellow flowers in late autumn and early winter. It is one of my favourite woodland plants with its distinctive green and yellow blotches on the leaves.


Fatsia polycarpa

A very striking species of Fatsia that is endemic to the woodlands of Taiwan. To date it rarely found in cultivation. But due to its more exotic appearance it won’t be long before it is more sought after than its better known cousin Fatsia japonica.