Botanical Paintings by Susan Sex and ‘Looking out the Window at Kells Bay’ by Pauline Bewick

If you wish to purchase one of these limited edition prints from the originals by Susan Sex or Pauline Bewick please send me an email.

Each print is individually numbered and personally signed by Susan Sex or Pauline Bewick.

We have a small number of prints of a wonderful commissioned work by Pauline Bewick in 2014, titled, ‘Looking out the window at Kells Bay‘.

We also have 8 prints available of Susan Sex amazing botanical paintings: Blechnum chilense, Blechnum fluviatile, Blechnum tabulare, Cyathea australis, Cyathea medullaris and Dicksonia squarrosa and the 2 Camellia species which are from Kells Bay Gardens.

All of the prints may be viewed in our Conservatory Café. Click the images for a larger preview.

Susan Sex 'Blechnum Chilense'

Susan Sex  ‘Blechnum chilense’  Price: €130

Susan Sex 'Blechnum Fluviatile'

Susan Sex  ‘Blechnum fluviatile’  Price: €150

Susan Sex 'Blechnum Tabulare'

Susan Sex  ‘Blechnum tabulare’  Price: €165

Susan Sex 'Cyathea Medullaris'

Susan Sex  ‘Cyathea dealbata’  Price: €165

Susan Sex 'Cyathea Australis'

Susan Sex  ‘Cyathea australis’  Price: €195

Susan Sex 'Cyathea Medullaris'

Susan Sex  ‘Cyathea medullaris’  Price: €95

Susan Sex 'Dicksonia Antarctica

Susan Sex  ‘Dicksonia antarctica’  Price: €195

Susan Sex 'Dicksonia Squarrosa'

Susan Sex  ‘Dicksonia squarrosa’  Price: €165

Susan Sex 'Camellia Sp. A'

Susan Sex  ‘Camellia sp.’  A   Price: €125

Susan Sex 'Camellia Sp. B'

Susan Sex  ‘Camellia sp.’  B   Price: €125

Susan Sex 'Camellia Sp. A'

Susan Sex  ‘Camellia sp.’  C   Price: €145

Pauline Bewick Painting

This painting, specially commissioned from the artist was begun on a sunny spring day in April 2014, during Pauline’s visit to us. The perspective, from the north-facing drawing room window,enjoys a view over the gardens and across the bay to the Dingle peninsula. In her unique style Pauline has captured the magnificent Chilean Wine Palm, a frond of the garden’s famous Dicksonia Antarctica tree ferns, and an exotic sense of the otherness of this wonderful place.
Those familiar with Pauline’s work will discern evocative echoes of her lifetime journey, grounded in a specific moment and her familiarity with this beautiful piece of the Kerry landscape, near which she has resided for many years.

Pauline Bewick Painting