Asplenium bulbiferum‏

Asplenium bulbiferum, known as Mother spleenwort. This fern species is native to New Zealand only. It is also called hen and chicken fern. Its fronds are known to be eaten as a vegetable. It is a most attractive fern with delicate looking fronds, generally full of bulbils.
Hen and chicken ferns grow small bulbils on top of their fronds. Once grown to about 5 cm, these offspring fall off and, provided the soil they land in is kept moist, develop a root system and grow into new ferns. This additional means of reproduction can be employed with greater ease than propagation by spores.

Aspect: It does best in many situations from shade to partial sunlight.

Hardiness: This fern is not hardy in a bad winter, where temperatures are around -3 Celsius or colder it will require protection. Collect a couple of the bulbils and pot up for insurance