Blechnum chilense‏

Blechnum chilense is a wonderful big strong evergreen fern from Chile. It is a really strong, bold fern with thick, leathery dark green pinnatifid fronds. They can potentially reach a height of up to 6 foot in time but more usually around 3 to 4 foot from my experience.

It spreads quite easily via rhizomes and will form a dramatic impact in your garden wherever you may choose to plant it.

It will take full sun without any problem and is fairly wind tolerenat. Plant it in a moisture retentive soil to achieve optimum frond size.

Hardiness: Hardy to around -8 Celsius and fronds will defoliate around -6. To ensure survival in the harshest of conditions, heavily compost the rhizomes with organic matter in late Autumn and new croziers will emerge in Spring time.