Blechnum novae-zelandiae‏

Blechnum novae-zelandiae is a medium to large ground fern, with once-divided fronds. Like most Blechnums, the sterile and spore-producing fertile fronds look markedly different. The segments of the fertile fronds are very narrow and black or brown. In the sterile fronds, the segments in the lower part of the frond are stalked and reduce in size until they are short lobes. The scales on the frond are pale brown but usually have an obvious dark centre.
It is only found in New Zealand and is one of the most common ferns there.

I have a number of this ferns growing on the side of one of the streams and they look absolutely amazing. At any one time you can see sterile fronds in light green, dark green, red and black and the fertile frond can be brown or black, fantastic. Also when in a well watered position the size of the fronds will be in excess of 1 metre.

Hardiness: Will survive temperatures down to around -8 celsius. Once again if fern appears dead after a very cold winter, do not remove. In most cases new fronds will emerge in late spring.