Daphniphyllum himalense var. macropodum‏

Daphniphyllum himalayense subsp. macropodum is a rounded understory broadleaf evergreen shrub or small tree that is most noted for its bold, attractive, Rhododendron like foliage and lovely red stems.  It is native to forested areas in Japan, Korea and China. Leaves have cuneate bases and are glossy deep green above and a glaucous light green below. New growth leaves emerge flushed with pink.  It is an easy plant to grow in the right circumstances, similar to many Rhododendron, D. macropodum being a woodland shrub, prefers moist, humus-rich, well-drained soil. It will also grow well in full sun.

It would appear to be very hardy, surviving the worst winters without any affect to it. I would estimate it is hardy to as low as  -10 degrees. For best results plant in humus rich, moist soil in semi shade to full sun, but not exposed to cold drying winds.

It can be found growing in the gardens on the Cliff Walk, part of the Red Walk.