Podocarpus henkelii‏

Podocarpus henkeliii is an evergreen tree, native to South Africa and from the conifer family. It has a shiny, dense green foliage that is narrow and flat in shape. Slow growing evergreen tree 9-15m height and 4.6-6m in width. Prefers in full sun and partial shade, loamy, sandy soils.
It tolerates to drier and clay soils but it will grow slowly. It is a dioecious tree, i.e. it has male and female reproductive organs on separate plants. Yellowwoods belong to a primitive group of plants called the Gymnospermae. Gymnosperms, are cone-bearing plants, which fits in with the Gardens here at Kells Bay. We have planted one in Fossil Valley, to the back of the Bamboo Glade and have plans to plant out more in the near future (May 2016).