Trachycarpus fortunei

This wonderful fan palm can grow to about 15 metres in its native habitat. The trunk is covered in a matted fibre. It grows relatively quickly (compared to all other palms I’ve tried) in Ireland. It actually has a preference for cooler, temperate areas making it an ideal palm to start with. It likes full sun, and moist well-drained soil. Just give it protection from the wind and you will enjoy this plant all year round. However it will also grow strongly in woodland areas where there is sufficient light for it to gorw.

For all round impact and value you won’t do better than this one as a starter palm in your garden. You can also rest assured on it be totally hardy in any part of Ireland. Plant with some protection from the prevailing winds and ensure rootball is planted in a free draining site for best results.

Hardiness: Hardy to -15 Celsius