Wollemia nobilis

Wollemi nobilis is still very new to cultivation. The story of the discovery of the Wollemi Pine has been well publicised. In brief, National Parks and Wildlife office, David Noble, discovered the plant while bushwalking in an isolated area of the Wollemi National Park. He recognised it as being unusual and took a specimen for later identification. Various botanists examined the specimen and visited the trees in the wild.
The plant was subsequently recognised as a new species with its nearest living relatives being conifers in the Araucariaceae family, including the Bunya Pine (Araucaria bidwillii), Hoop Pine (Araucaria cunninghamii) and the Queensland Kauri (Agathis robusta). The plant was named Wollemia nobilis in recognition of both its location and discoverer.

How the tree was named. Wollemia;
‘Wollemi”, the name of the the national park where the plant was discovered.
nobilis: After David Noble, a National Parks and Wildlife Service officer who discovered the plant.

Hardiness : Hardy to about -6 Celsius, however remember this is extremely new to cultivation and not as yet proven at colder temperatures.